What To Look For In HDTV Stands

HDTV Stands

HDTV stands are pretty much essential for anyone who buys a new flat panel TV. The chances are that your old TV stand just won’t cut it. Newer TVs are generally bigger and wider than old CRT screens ever were, not to mention the fact that you want a high quality stand to protect your expensive investment. Here’s a guide to choosing the best HDTV stand for your new HD screen.

Wall Mounts Vs. HDTV Stands

First things first, you need to decide between a wall mount and a stand. The benefit of a wall mount is that you can get the perfect position on the wall, taking up a lot less space in the room. The downside is that it takes a little more work, you’ll have to spend more money on a mount, and you’ll have to find a way of covering up the cables.

When looking for the perfect wall mount, try to find one that has the ability to swivel. This means you can alter the viewing angle if you need to, and you can also easily adjust the position of the TV if you need to access the ports at the back.

Choosing The Perfect HDTV Stands

If you do opt for the stand, then there are a few factors to consider:

Height – the perfect height for a TV should be set so that the lowest part of the screen is at eye level. Depending on the chairs you sit on to watch TV, try to find a stand that fits within these specifications.

Size – Some people simply want a stand to hold the TV up, but many others choose an extra wide unit and use it as a place to display photos and other decorative ornaments at the same time.

Shelves – Most of us will want to purchase a stand with shelves that can easily house DVD players, games consoles or any other accessories. Check that the measurements will fit your devices or opt for adjustable shelves instead.

Movable TV stands – Lastly, consider whether you might want to move your TV to adjust the viewing angle depending on where you’re sitting. Swivels are very useful: even if you don’t foresee the need to move, a small alteration in the angle of the screen can reduce glare in bright light.

Although you may not realize it, HDTV stands are an important part of the TV-buying process. Getting the right stand means you’ll achieve the very best viewing experience possible.

What To Look For In HDTV Stands For Your Home Entertainment System
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